How It Is

More cruel e-mails, more stress, less time and not enough money. I have to seriously think about the toll this is taking, and if it’s worth it. Here’s how it is…


  1. Meghan Pratt says

    Hi Paul,

    I’m really sorry to hear about all the hate you’re getting. That’s really terrible and it really doesn’t make much sense in my mind…

    I just wanted to send you a message of support and praise for all of the hard work you do for your fans and for your family. I love this podcast and always rave about it. I love Disney and I really enjoy how you dissect each story with such thoughtfulness and humour. If in the end you decide that the podcast isn’t feasible anymore, I’ll be extremely sad about it but I truly understand your reasons why.

    I appreciate all you do and I hope things start turning around for you for the better! 🙂

    All the very best,

    Meghan Pratt

  2. laahaa2017 says

    Your voice is the soul behind the stories and sometimes even for people who like your work, including myself, forgot that you’re also just a normal human who needs to support their families stably.

    I enjoyed all of your work. The scripts are great English writing learning material. As for music, I once looked up everywhere for the music you used in Little Mermaid because it is so catching and apt to that episode. It’s hard to imagine that all the work comes from a single person, so it made I thought DSO had a team and even Disney might also support you until I listened to this episode.

    Sorry for the things you had to go through. It’s frustrating to worry about if one can continue doing the work you love. It’s even not a fair thing to see mean emails from strangers who judged you ruthlessly and baselessly.

    No matter if you decide to continue DSO, or decide to switch to other projects to better support your family, all of your are always appreciated.

    Hope you all the best.

  3. Matthew Mize says

    Ignore the haters. You keep doing you!

  4. Hey I’m sorry to hear about the bad emails and your troubles. I only found this show a couple weeks ago and I enjoy it! So I’m glad that you have gotten support. And I hope you get more support. I will think about becoming a patron too. But I had two other ideas occur to me that I thought I would float to you—if you could get someone else to read your email before you do they could delete the emails that are just trolls or bullying so you don’t see them. People are doing that these days for social media. The other idea would be to summarize and re-purpose some of your content for TikTok… maybe that could eventually make money. I don’t know. I wish you luck and to do what’s best for you and your family.

  5. Hi Paul,

    I stumbled on this podcast in 2013, i have followed your progress because of my love for Disney and your presentation. i just listened to your heartfelt post “how it is” and i cant say how distraught it made me feel…

    People are so mean and political about everything and i know things are difficult. There’s a Nigerian saying that you cant please everyone, even if you cut off your nose because the crowd demands it, people will still complain about how you cut it, just be yourself and ignore the noise from the crowd so far your conscience is clear.

    I have learnt a lot of things about Disney, the stories and history behind the cartoons / feature films and although i haven’t been financially buoyant of late because of the pandemic, I’ll do my best to sign up on patreon and make a contribution.

    I would plead that you reconsider your decision but as a family man myself, i understand where you are coming from and i wouldn’t blame you one bit, just know that from America, you have reached someone in far away Lagos, Nigeria and you are appreciated.

    Thanks for everything and lets hope this isn’t the end of the podcast (PS, its one of the reasons i still own an ipod, lol).


  6. Hey, I am sorry you are so discouraged. It sounds like you are getting a lot of pressure. I can kind of feel your pain, as my husband is in a job he absolutely hates, I have no job, and we have to shop at the expired food store to get by. Otherwise I would have started to contributing to you long ago because you truly are my favorite podcast. I don’t have any money but you are in my prayers. (I know that sounds weak, but it’s literally all I have.) As for politics, it seems like everyone refusing to take a side is getting attacked for not opening themselves up for attack. Look at Chris Pratt. I just want to encourage you to stand your ground, because I have truly enjoyed having a form of media that didn’t revolve around politics. You have been a breath of fresh air. It seems like everyone is attacked for everything these days, but you wouldn’t have so many listeners if you weren’t touching people. Still, I understand having to make sacrifices for your mental health and your families wellbeing. Goodness knows I have been there. And even though you are my favorite Podcaster, it will do me more good to know you are well. Please understand that those who care about you will care about you taking care of yourself, and if things do go wrong with the podcast, we will be here, waiting to support you if your situation turns around. Best wishes. It maybe selfish of me, but I really hope things turn around for you. Best wishes, Nichole

  7. I haven’t listened to a full episode yet of only our podcast but this came on my feed as I too had the grandiose idea to podcast the origins of Disney Movies. I feel a sense of relief to hear someone speak the truth about what’s happening in their life right now. You are humble and on edge, and to your credit, your holding it together. You may not be making much money but keep going.

  8. This podcast is one of my favorite of all time and I thank you for all the hard work you have put into it. I’ll admit that I have never donated or financially supported any podcast, but, I sent you something today. If you can’t keep this up, I totally understand, but, I wanted to send you some love both with a message and some funds anyway. Good luck and since I’m a praying person, I’ll be praying for you too.

  9. I believe in your dream. Please don’t ever give up. And thank you for your courage to share the truth and for being so vulnerable. You’ve got a friend in me.

  10. David Trimner says

    It is so maddening to hear how people want to unload their politics on everyone! I am so sick of all of it.

    I have been supporting your show, but I think I need to update my CC info. I’ll do that right away. My son Declan and I love your show and we hope you will continue it.

  11. Jennifer Sheffler says

    Hi Paul,

    I just sent a donation your way. I don’t say that for applause, but to encourage others to do the same. I LOVE your podcast. I have loved Disney my whole life and as an adult I get to love Disney all over again as my children grow up with these stories. I have loved the stories and exploring how the fairy tales have changed over time. I felt to excited when I first discovered your podcast and have since listened to every episode. Please don’t be discouraged by nasty emails. They say if you are receiving criticism from some people, then you are doing something right. I am so sorry that your family has fallen on hard times and I hope your fortunes change. I’ll be praying for you!

  12. Hi Paul, I just started listening to your work and it was AMAZING! You truly are entertaining to listen to, especially during pandemic. YOU HELPED US A LOT. I love Disney ever since I was a child and having to listen to their stories and their origins really fascinates me.

    Please ignore all the haters, just like in the fairy tale there will always be a villain and you are the main character, the hero. Don’t let them get you, we’re here to support you!

  13. This podcast is honestly my absolute favorite! I appreciate all the effort, time, research, work and sacrifice that none of us listeners truly understand. I love Disney, history, fairy tales and books so this podcast was such a fabulous find for me, truly. I would desperately love to hear more but I understand if boundaries are needed to be made because you deserve NONE of the negativity. Thank you for your work!!!

  14. Brenda Appleby says

    I just saw this note and am so sorry that you are getting this level of awful over something that is so amazing! I just discovered this site a few months ago and have been devouring all the episodes – I really love fairy tale variations, and getting all the details of where they started is just a delight! I have signed on as a Patreon patron, and will also be making a donation – a back payment for all the enjoyment I have had from your episodes so far. Whether or not you are able to put out any more, it was worth it.

    I hope you will be able to continue with this in some way, because you obviously love it.

    One suggetion – something that you probably have already thought of, but I don’t remember hearing it mentioned in this message – have you considered putting ads in? Either on your site or in the podcast itself? Several of the book-reviewing podcasts I listen to have either a prerecorded ad inserted, or the speaker themself taking a moment to give a spiel.

  15. Your podcast is so educational and fantastic.
    There are negative people out there. Hope you can set boundaries and enjoy doing work you love without them.

    I should share that listen to one podcast regularly- ever- and it’s yours.
    I recommend you to all my friends.
    You do an amazing amazing job!

    Thank you.

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