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DSO-introduction-slideshow-aThe computer I use to edit the Disney Story Origins Podcast (my one and only home computer) is on it’s deathbed. It’s been limping along for awhile now and I have asked a lot of it in it’s old age.

It has been suffering from a series of software crashes, power-losses and generally poor performance. I took it to some specialists, and talked to some friends who know about this stuff, and each new opinion I get says the same thing.

The PC is old (Dell XPS 630i) and theoretically it has been pushed hard by my processing demands (editing DSO, DLRage and general uses like gaming and stuff). It has so many hardware issues that the thing to do is to replace it.

I have looked over some computer options, and a machine that meets my needs is expensive, and I simply cannot afford it. A friend suggested I come to GoFundMe and ask my listeners for help.

The money you donate would be used STRICTLY for the podcast: a computer that can support high-end audio production and some upgraded recording eequipmentand software.

I hate asking, but this is really the only course that makes sense. The computer is not dead yet, but when it goes, I can’t say with ccertaintyif the DSO Podcast will survive this hit. I can say with certainty that without your help, it will be a very long time before the next episode.

This is my personal, family computer, so it’s not just me who will suffer. My iPhone will be the only way we can use the internet, I won’t be able to write (for a living or for the podcast), or edit or pretty much anything, and if I wasn’t feeling very desperate at this moment, I wouldn’t be asking. I’d be writing. 🙂

I would be SO grateful for any donations, any little bit would help. Thank you very much for taking the time.

My GoFundMe page


  1. I enjoy your podcast very much, so, I’ll be chipping in during the week/next week at the most.

    In the meantime, for whatever help you might need about anything else regarding computers (software/editing/etc.) , feel free to contact me. I have my fair share of computer experience (30 years, LOL!) and I’ll be more than happy to assist.

    Good luck and keep up with the good work!

  2. Audri Celeste says

    I’m absolutely crazy about your podcast, but anyone in their right mind would support you! I can’t give much, but I’ll keep giving a little bit here and a little bit there until forever! So long as I know we’ll be getting more of your fantastic podcast!

  3. I’m not sure if you have some aversion to this (maybe you consider it selling out?), but have you looked in to becoming an Amazon associate and advertising them on your site? I know most of the podcasts I listen to use this feature (and broadcast the benefits on their podcast). It’s no cost to the user and a little bit of the cash they spend goes to you when they use your link. More people might donate this way. From the minimal amount of research I did, it looks like you could also set up a mini store front where you could have some of the books and research materials that you use.

    Anyway, just a thought.

  4. Madison Morton Turner says

    My mum says I can give you money for your computer and I totally will. I love you podcast and hope you computer gets better ( or good luck in getting a new computer) My mum says if everyone give in five pound ( if they want ) you will eventually get there. Me and my mum will start of and give you £5 ( by the way when I say £5 I mean $8.42 so it is worth it)
    Just an idea but could you try doing a Podcast on Disney Pixar.

    I’m english

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