DSO Is Moving

DSO is responding to some very sudden life-altering changes. And here is a brief announcement about what’s going on.


  1. Francesco McLeod says

    Good luck in your new home!

  2. Aparajita says

    It must be tough for you to move rn! I am going to resume my patreon after this mess. I love your podcast so much! You had a bit of a gap some time ago so i thought you abandoned the project and stopped my patreon donation. I just recently realised i was wrong. However its tough here in India right now and im trying to apply for post grad college. Any chance I have to donate i need to spend it on some of the poor here, they are more in need. When things get a bit better i promise to get back with my patreon. Thanks for not abandoning the podcast. Also, are you on Spotify? Or anywhere else that i can access you from an android?

    • Your priorities are definitely in the right place. Helping the poor trumps helping a podcaster. This show has been and will always be free of charge. You don’t owe me ANYTHING–it’s truly enough that you love the show and took the time to tell me so. I couldn’t get on Spotify, but I am available on Google Play, if that helps. Thank you very much for your comment, and I hope you have a great time in post-grad college!

  3. I love your podcast, your insights, comments, humor and voice!! Please please keep them coming!

  4. Just popping in the say Hello and Thank You! I just found your podcast and am almost through Alice. I LOVE these deep dives. They are making my work at home so much more pleasant and helping with my Disneyland withdrawals. Stay healthy!

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