Casting Call for Episode 4 the Voice of Hua Mulan CLOSED


The open casting call for Episode 4 has been closed, and no more submissions will be accepted at this time. However, do stay tuned for other opportunities to voice a Disney/Mythological/Historical character in the future. I know it all happened very quick, and next time I will have deadlines issued and I will be more organized. I’m kind of learning how to do this as I go. Thank you very much for taking the time.

~Paul J. Hale


  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know that my daughter totally loves your podcasts and can’t wait for each new episode. She listens to them over and over so hurry up and get the next one out! She can’t wait any longer!!!!

    If you ever need an English voice she’s well up for it anytime.

    Looking forward to Mulan

    Emma (Beau’s mum)

    • Thank you very much, Emma and thank your daughter for me. If this all works out, I suspect I’ll need an English voice eventually. 😉

  2. Teresa O'Kelley says

    I’m sorry I missed out in this one, but I’m looking forward to the next opportunity.

  3. when do you think the podcast will be released approximately?

  4. Hey, great show. Foot binding bit was kinda creepy though but girls do weird stuff now. I love the show, it’s my favourite podcast. Any chance in the future of doing Tarzan, like was he real? Thanks x

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