09 – Tangled




In this episode, we compare and contrast Disney’s “Tangled” with Giambattista Basile’s “Petrosinella”, “Persinette” by Charlotte Rose de Caumont de La Force, and “Rapunzel” by The Brothers Grimm.


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Soliloquy by Matthew Pablo

Douce Dame Jolie performed by Annwn





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  2. I really can’t say enough positive things about this podcast, or reccomend it any higher. Great job.

  3. Hi there!! I have just discovered your podcast and I LOVE IT. You’re so funny and it’s a brilliant idea. I started listening from the beginning and noticed that you haven’t made a new one since 2016! I’m sad!!! Maybe I can help? I really want more LOL

  4. I used to hate podcasts in school but with this site, I am now looking forward for when we do podcasts. Thank you and please continue what you do !

  5. Actually, Pascal was NOT named after a computer program; he was named after and modelled on a chameleon owned by one of the animators.

  6. LockdownBrit says

    A great comforting Podcast! Thanks for all your hard work on this Paul, its really helping me in UK Lockdown! Very entertaining and very interesting.

    I loved this Tangled ep, very interesting comparing multiple versions of the story and how and why the story changed over time. Historical context is my jam 🙂 but all the episodes I have listened to so far are so interesting and rich in detail, I want to get through all of them!

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