04b – Mulan Part 2


We start where we left of in Episode 4a – Mulan Part 1, Mulan has joined the army. How does Mulan from the old tales prevent being discovered to be a woman? I discuss the origins of Mushu, Li Shang and what makes Chi Fu such a misognyst. I talk about how Disney’s Mulan and Mulan from the legends approaches, trains for and wages war, and how she handles the various romantic angles or lack thereof. This one was a lot of fun to work on. Enjoy! :D

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Daniel Hale as Liu Yuandu

Daniel is host of The Disgeek Podcast, Getting Dirty /w Daniel & Laurie and The Earvengers



Rommy-Chan Driks as Hua Mulan


Music Credits

Sacred Chinese Mountain (Loop) by Fabo

Lotus out of Water by Hong Ting

The Forbidden City by Antti Martikainen


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  3. xingfenzhen says

    Interestingly, in actual history there 3 female generals during late Ming period (1640s) much in the manner Mulan did. And during that period, the legend of Mulan is already wide known.

    Qin Liangyu, possibly highest rank female general in history, with possible exception of Princess Pingyang.

    Shen Yunying, took over her father’s post after his death in battle.

    Gao Guiying, a former rebel and turned government general.

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