016 – The Wind in the Willows

Comparing and contrasting Disney’s “The Wind in the Willows” from the package film “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” with the original book “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame.


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  1. Hi, Paul! Once again a great episode. You really continue to enlighten your audience with your words. I might also wish to point out that The Wind in the Willows does contain some classist themes, because of the decline of the aristocracy in Edwardian era England. I would also recommend the 1983 stop-motion Wind in the Willows starring Sir David Jason and the 1995 Wind in the Willows starring Rik Mayall. Both can be found on YouTube and both are extremely loyal to the source material, having more time to develop the story in.

  2. Indeed, I would also advise avoiding the 1996 adaptation, starring Terry Jones. It feels less like a film adaptation of The Wind in the Willows and more like a Monty Python parody of The Wind in the Willows – which is befitting considering it features at least three of the (then) surviving Pythons.

  3. Also, Paul, Grahame did confirm in an interview that Toad would eventually return to his old ways. Also, he stated that Mole’s character development was probably the only one that would stick.

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